Emily Hesse
Enduring (The Ghosts in the Room), 2018
Found local brick, gold leaf paint and correction fluid
11.5 x 24.2 x 7.8 cm Photo: John McKensie Courtesy of the artist and Workplace Foundation

Emily Hesse 
Enduring (The Ghosts in the Room), 2018

Photo: John McKensie, courtesy of the artist and Workplace Foundation


Emily Hesse

The Taste of this History: a Church in My Mouth

Preview: Friday 2nd November 18:00 - 20:00

Workplace Foundation
The Old Post Office
19-21 West Street
+44 (0)191 477 2200
Tuesday - Saturday, 11 - 5pm

Do you remember the first morning you awoke to find the world was no longer tangible?
Do you remember when you felt the centre of things tilt slightly on its axis?
Do you remember, as a woman, what it was to watch what you knew fall away, becoming some sort of manipulated care package traveling to Mars, containing within it what you thought was care, tenderness, belonging: your church?
As you watched it forced into another dimension, did it mutate?
Did you think that you witnessed transformation, or did you question your own witnessing until you disbelieved even the actions your eyes had themselves absorbed into your very being?
Tell me, when it all fell away, were you alone?
Can you still taste the stale memory of the space it occupied?
Do you still believe in love?

(Emily Hesse 2018)

Workplace Foundation is delighted to present The Taste of this History: a Church in my Mouth a solo exhibition of new and existing works by Emily Hesse.

Emily Hesse’s interdisciplinary, often collaborative practice includes the use of performance, drawing, writing, sculpture, ceramics and installation to question and aggravate social and political power dynamics through psychogeography, philosophy, and regional folk histories, collective action and the use of land and its associated materials as a physical form of protest.

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