Andy Burgess
Kaufmann House, 2022
Gouache on Paper
Debuting at Expo CHGO

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April is just around the corner, and this year it will be marked by Cynthia Corbett Gallery's IRL participation in the prestigious Expo CHGO Fair, opening with a VIP Preview from noon on the 7th April and lasting through 10th April 2022. My team and I have prepared for you a unique curation, featuring an elaborate Young Masters Art Prize winner Matt Smith showcase, Young Masters Art Prize alumna Isabelle van Zeijl as well as new work from Gallery artists Andy Burgess and Klari Reis. Please read on for more details of what is soon to be unveiled in Cynthia Corbett Gallery's booth 468!
Some of you may have already received your invitation to Expo CHGO. For those of you who haven't, please follow this link to acquire your admission passes for this prestigious Fair.
Matt Smith
Excerpt from Losing Venus site-specific curation at the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, 2022
A bespoke Losing Venus: The Cook Service showcase will be debuting at Expo CHGO
Matt Smith is well known for his site-specfic work in museums, galleries and historic houses. Following the success of his exhibition in Oxford’s Pitt Rivers Museum, Matt Smith will present Losing Venus, focusing on the impact of LGBTQIA+ lives across the former British colonial empire. Given access to archives at both the Pitt Rivers Museum and the china manufacturer Wedgwood, Smith references Captain Cook’s Pacific voyages to measure the transit of the planet Venus, combining transfer monotype prints from both archives upon each dish in a ceramic dinner service. The surrounding serving dishes, candle holders, tureens and plates are created in Smith’s unique style – through taking archival objects and repurposing them in his quest to explore all forms of love.
Matt Smith
Losing Venus: The Cook Service Centrepiece, 2022
Debuting at Expo CHGO


<strong>Andy Burgess<br></strong><em>Allegria</em>, 2018<br>Mixed Media Collage on Panel<br><i><b>Debuting at LAF Platform</b></i><br>

Andy Burgess
Allegria, 2018
Mixed Media Collage on Panel
Debuting at LAF Platform

<strong>Cristina Schek<br></strong><em>Alice</em>, 2021 (detail)<br>Framed Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemühle Paper.<br>Edition of 5+2AP.<br><b>Debuting at</b> <i><b>Focus On The Female: London Art Fair Edit</b></i>

Cristina Schek
Alice, 2021 (detail)
Framed Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemühle Paper.
Edition of 5+2AP.
Debuting at Focus On The Female: London Art Fair Edit

<b>Matt Smith<br></b><em>The Lute Player</em>, 2021<br>Reworked textile with wool<br><i><b>Debuting at LAF Platform</b></i><br>

Matt Smith
The Lute Player, 2021
Reworked textile with wool
Debuting at LAF Platform

This year Cynthia Corbett Gallery and Young Masters Art Prize have been invited to do a special curated presentation at London Art Fair 2022. We will be at Stand 5, across the hall from the Fair's Museum partner, the New Hall Art Collection, a collection of Modern and Contemporary Art by women at Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge – the largest of its kind in Europe, and second largest in the world. To keep the Focus On The Female narrative continuing, we have curated an all-woman showcase unpacking the oeuvre of sixteen women artists: Gallery-represented, YMAP alumnae and artists new to the Gallery.

We are also delighted to be part of Platform, a curated section featuring invited galleries presenting artists whose work aligns to a single distinct theme. This year's theme is Music, and our curation will highlight the oeuvre of British-Irish ceramicist, professor, curator & textile artist Matt Smith and British-American painter, collagist and photographer Andy Burgess.

Should you wish to attend, please book your tickets at this link.

<b>On Thursday, 21 April, 8pm, London Art Fair is inviting you to </b><a href=""><b>a recital by composer and pianist Dimitris Skyllas followed by a Q&amp;A with artist Matt Smith</b></a> (pictured on the left).<br><br>Please book tickets <a href=""><b>for this unique performance here. </b></a>

On Thursday, 21 April, 8pm, London Art Fair is inviting you to a recital by composer and pianist Dimitris Skyllas followed by a Q&A with artist Matt Smith (pictured on the left).

Please book tickets for this unique performance here.



7 – 10 April 2022 – Expo CHGO

20 – 24 April 2022 – London Art Fair
26 – 29 May 2022 – London Original Print Fair

Please email us at, if you would like to know more about our plans.

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