Yang Fudong (b. 1971, Beijing, China) currently lives and works in Shanghai...
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Yang Fudong
Yang Fudong
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Yang Fudong (b. 1971, Beijing, China) currently lives and works in Shanghai. After receiving a BFA in oil painting from the Academy of Fine Art, Hangzhou, in 1995, Yang went on to expand his practice, developing a significant body of work mainly in film, film installation, photography, and, more recently, painting. Yang’s visual language has always been enveloped in a dream-like mystery, blurring the boundaries between reality and fantasy. His characters, often silent and disembodied, usually move according to choreographed gestures, transporting the viewer into aesthetically perfect environments—(for instance, the opulent, imperial court of the Song Dynasty). For Yang, the process of making a film should allow for experimentation. For this reason, Yang is considered one of China’s most important contemporary artists.

Today, follow along as we explore the many levels of Yang Fudong’s practice.

To a 2017 interview with Yang for TateShots. Hear Yang talk about some of his seminal works, the different themes he explores, and the different camera techniques he implements to create new modes of storytelling.

Image: Yang Fudong, Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest, Part 5, 2007

A 2019 interview with Yang by film director Mark Rapport for ArtReview Asia. Here, Yang discusses his epic performative project, Dawn Breaking, and it’s second chapter, "Beyond GOD and Evil – Preface," which made its international premiere at Marian Goodman Gallery London. The project, mainly composed of video diaries known as ‘dailies,’ reveals the structure of the film in the process of its making so “the viewer gets to be the director.”
A 2015 interview with Yang by Li Zhenhua for the inaugural issue of Kaleidoscope Asia. They discuss Yang’s photographic works, such as The Evergreen Nature of Romantic Stories (1999), among others. In Yang’s view, photography encompasses both photographs and film, prompting us to think about the intersections between the two.

Image: Yang Fudong, Dawn Breaking — A Museum Film Project, Day 12, 2018

A 2012 video documenting Yang’s installation of The Fifth Night (2010) at Marian Goodman Gallery New York.

First Spring, a special film collaboration from 2010 between Yang Fudong and Prada. Inspired by the maxim, “a good year is determined by its spring,” the 35mm film is set in the streets of Shanghai, during the 30s & 40s.

Image: Yang Fudong, The Fifth Night, 2010
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