Ann Veronica Janssens Green, Yellow and Pink – Winsing Art Place, Taipei City
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Exhibition view: Ann Veronica Janssens, Green, Yellow and Pink, Winsing Art Place, Taipei, 2021.
Photo © OS Studio / Rex Chu
Ann Veronica Janssens
Green, Yellow and Pink
Winsing Art Place
No. 6, Alley 10, Lane 180
Section 6, Minquan E Rd, Neihu District
Taipei City
December 18, 2021 – March 20, 2022
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"I am interested in what escapes me, not in order to arrest it, but on the contrary, in order to experiment with the 'ungraspable.'" — Ann Veronica Janssens

On December 18, Winsing Art Place will open a solo exhibition dedicated to the work of Ann Veronica Janssens. This exhibition will feature some of the artist's renowned works in the colored mist, glass and gilded blinds series.

Ann Veronica Janssens presents light and color in a tangible way, with color in the form of suspended particles penetrating into the mist. Green, Yellow and Pink is a 2017 creation that invites the viewer to get lost in a fog of green, yellow and pink, where the boundaries of perception are blurred, drawing attention to the senses, finding the way forward, exploring the changes in light and color, and challenging the viewer to have a different experience.

The two glass pieces on view, Bright Pink & Yellow and CL9BK, are from her Gaufrettes series, the texture of the glass surface and the shades of color change gradually when viewed from different angles, altering the visual perception. Small nuances of light are also part of Ann Veronica Janssens' subtle approach. She constructs a personalized experience of the work while reshaping the audience's sense of participation through physical movement.
Ann Veronica Janssens
Green, Yellow and Pink
日期 | 2021.12.18-2022.03.20 10:30-18:30
地點 | 文心藝所 Winsing Art Place
台北市內湖區民權東路六段 180 巷 10 弄 6 號
詳細資訊請見文心藝所臉書專頁 Facebook
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「我對於會消失的東西很感興趣,但不是為了捕捉它,相反地,是為了試驗那些無法被抓住的東西。」—— 安.維羅尼卡.詹森斯

12 月 18 日,文心藝所舉辦的安.維羅尼卡.詹森斯 (Ann Veronica Janssens)個展將正式開幕。 本次展覽展出藝術家著名的色彩霧氣、玻璃以及敷金窗簾系列作品。

安.維羅尼卡.詹森斯用有形的方式呈現光與顏色,色彩處於懸浮粒子的狀態滲透到薄霧之中。〈 Green, Yellow and Pink 〉是 2017 年的創作,作品邀請觀者迷失在綠色、黃色及粉紅色的霧氣中,感知邊界處於模糊化的狀態,將注意力集中在感官上,尋找前進的方向、探索光與色彩的變化,挑戰別於一般的觀看體驗。

展間中的兩件玻璃作品〈 Bright Pink & Yellow 〉和〈 CL9BK 〉,皆出自 Gaufrettes 系列,玻璃表面的紋路以及色彩的深淺狀態,在不同角度觀看的時候顏色都會不斷漸變,震盪視覺的感知。光線的微小變化也是藝術家細膩的表現手法之一。安.維羅尼卡.詹森斯構建了作品的個性化體驗,同時通過身體運動重新塑造了觀眾的參與感。


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