Film Premiere: Servus Papa, See You in Hell, directed by Christopher Roth – Munich Film Festival
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Film still: Servus Papa, See You in Hell, 2022, directed by Christopher Roth.
Still © Arden Film
Servus Papa, See You in Hell
Directed by Christopher Roth
Munich Film Festival
Various locations
Screening dates: June 26, June 27 & July 2, 2022

Christopher Roth's Servus Papa, See you in Hell will premiere at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN.

The feature-length film tells the story of Jeanne, who has lived in the commune on the farm since she was two years old. Her parents live in city communes and rarely visit – just one of the commune’s rules installed by Otto, the ruler of the commune: Children grow up without parents. 14-year-old Jeanne knows no other world, she enjoys her life surrounded by many other children in the great outdoors – until she falls in love with 16-year-old Jean and her childhood paradise starts to crack. Ultimately, she violates Otto’s supreme law: “Sex is allowed, but love is forbidden.”

Screening dates:
Premiere: Sunday June 26, 6pm
Monday June 27, 8.30pm
Saturday July 2, 8.30pm
Tickets via FILMFEST MÜNCHEN website.

Servus Papa, See you in Hell
Director: Christopher Roth
Writers: Jeanne Tremsal, Christopher Roth
Cast: Jana McKinnon, Clemens Schick, Leo Altaras, Dirk von Lowtzow, and more.
Production: Arden Film
Distribution Germany: Port au Prince Pictures
Language: German (English Subtitles)

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