Ryan Gander, The Markers of Our Time – Tokyo Opera City Gallery, Tokyo
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Ryan Gander, 2000 year collaboration (The Prophet), 2018, animatronic mouse, audio. Photo © Gunnar Meier
Ryan Gander
The Markers of Our Time
Tokyo Opera City Gallery
3 Chome-20-2 Nishishinjuku
163-1403 Tokyo
July 16 – September 19, 2022

For The Markers of Our Time at Tokyo Opera City Gallery, Ryan Gander has combined a variety of new and older works to turn an expansive gallery into a single work. Each of the individual works splays open one or more of the elements that have fascinated the artist from early in his career—time, values (or value), education and things that get overlooked. What is the true nature of things that are important to each and every one of us? Gander's world is one where we can think about the origins of things, with a touch of humour. Loosen up your mind and dive in. That way, you should start to see the signs of the age that we live in today—the markers of our time.

The whole of the gallery space at Tokyo City Art Gallery is dedicated to Gander to provide a full taste of the current output of an exciting artist whose reputation continues to grow worldwide. The exhibition is the artist's first major solo show at a Tokyo institution.

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