Matt Saunders (b. 1975, Tacoma, Washington) lives between Berlin, Germany and Cambridge, Massachusetts where he currently teaches at Harvard University...
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Matt Saunders

Portrait of Matt Saunders, photography by Stephanie Mitchell (Harvard University).

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Matt Saunders (b. 1975, Tacoma, Washington) lives between Berlin, Germany and Cambridge, Massachusetts where he currently teaches at Harvard University. Saunders’ practice connects painting, photography, and printmaking to the moving image, heavily referencing film, the history of cinema, and sometimes fiction. Originating in painting and drawing, Saunders practice is an effortless hybrid across media and format. His photographic works are made without the use of a camera, instead producing images–both figurative and abstract–with handmade “negatives.” By passing light through paintings onto photosensitive paper, Saunders creates photographic images that are at once painterly and luminous, which he then uses as a part of his animated installations. Saunders’ animations, often abstract, deploy thousands of drawings across multiple, custom screens, using the projected images to employ architecture as part of an immersive film experience. Writing is also a central element to Saunders' practice. A major new monograph, forthcoming from Dancing Foxes Press in Fall 2021, will include Saunders’ own writing, alongside recent essays by Benjamin Paul, Anthony Byrt, Miranda Lichtenstein, Hannah Klemm, and Jennifer L. Roberts.

Today, follow along as we explore the multidimensionality of Matt Saunders' photographic work and the processes behind them. ↓


A conversation between Saunders and Dara Birnbaum, surrounding their concurrent exhibitions at Galerie Marian Goodman as featured in BOMB Magazine in 2016. Here, Saunders and Birnbaum explore the concept of trauma in their works, executed through "the exploratory nature of media and mediums."

Thread Pixel Grain, the chapter Saunders contributed to the acclaimed book Painting beyond Itself, originally published in February 2016.


To Contemporary Drawing: A Conversation with Tony Lewis and Matt Saunders, hosted in July 2019 by the Harvard Art Museums. Saunders and Lewis each offer insight into their respective drawing practices before entering into a conversation about process, inspiration and motivation.


Poelzig, a 2015 multi-channel video work, which was included in Saunder's first solo exhibition at Marian Goodman Gallery, New York the same year. This colorful, hand-drawn animation combines passages of lush abstraction with bursts of narrative fragments. Composed of drawings on paper and various plastics with a variety of materials—ink, oil, casein, graphite and toner powder—Saunders’ animation insists on a dense, analog materiality, transposed to a digital reel.

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