The Kitchen and the Studio:
A Memoir of Food and Art

Mallory M. and John A. O'Connor

The Cookbook

John A. O'Connor, Coeur a la Crème, pastel on paper, 2020
The Kitchen and the Studio by Mallory M. and John A. O'Connor is an inviting celebration of food and family that contains beautiful illustrations, photographs and one-of-a-kind recipes.The Kitchen and the Studio: A Memoir of Food and Art offers a sparkling, imaginative rendition of a traditional cookbook. Part memoir, part art book and part love story, this one-of-a-kind cookbook captures the beauty and essence of artist John A. O’Connor and art historian Mallory M. O’Connor’s loving marriage...In this unique love story of a creative couple who have always “lived the artist’s life,” John and Mallory share their favorite special occasions and recipes along with the places and the people who made them memorable.
John A. O’Connor, Chris, Acrylic, 1966
John A. O’Connor, Beef Burgundy, pastel on paper, 2020
The Kitchen and the Studio is both a memoir of the O’Connors’ life together as artists and teachers, and a collection of the celebrations they shared with family and friends. Over a span of fifty-nine years, their guests have ranged from immediate family members to university colleagues and professional artists. The book itself is also a work of art. It is is illustrated with John’s original paintings along with photographs of celebrations and participants.
John A. O’Connor, Sacramento Delta, oil on canvas, 1958
As a personal history of the O’Connors’ relationship with food, cooking and eating, the book also pays homage to the abundance of nature, reinstating the importance of finding locally and sustainably produced options. In accordance with this, the book offers helpful guides for readers with specific dietary restrictions including ingredient information for each recipe marked with symbols such as V for Vegan, VT forVegetarian, P for Pescatarian and more.
John A, O’Connor, Succotash, pastel on paper, 2020
John and Mal 1963
John and Mal at Paynes Prairie State Preserve, Photo by Chris O’Connor

“Mallory and John’s zest for life and all its beautiful, delectable pleasures shines through on every page, as does the couple’s generosity of spirit.”
-Kirkus Media

The Kitchen and the Studio will soon be available for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Readers who are looking to expand their palate and reap the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of cooking and art are encouraged to purchase their copy today.

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