Simeon Barclay



(Part 2)

16 Nov - 21 Dec
Preview: Friday 15th November
6pm til late

Guest DJ: Paul Merrick
all welcome

Workplace Foundation
The Old Post Office
19-21 West Street
Gateshead, NE8 1AD


Catherine Bertola
Cath Campbell
Nina Chua
Joe Clark
Noel Clueit
Claire Dorsett
Peter J. Evans
Susie Green
Dean Hughes
Rachel Lancaster
Robert McNally
Paul Merrick
Mick Peter
Magnus Quaife
Nicola Singh
Cecilia Stenbom

Everything Must Go (part 2) marks the launch of Workplace Foundation’s ‘Community of Artists’. An acknowledgement that a new form of representation is called for that looks beyond a traditional art market ‘commercial gallery’ model towards the value that artists and their relationships bring to a place. You can read more about the Community of Artists below…

Everything Must Go (part 1) was the first group exhibition at 34 Ellison Street, Gateshead curated by Paul Moss and Miles Thurlow in 2005. The title for the exhibition had been left chalked onto the shop window from the previous tenants, prior to our refurbishment of the shop into Workplace Gallery. The exhibition looked outside of our immediate locale, drawing together artists from across Britain to take part in a context that was itself a moment of becoming, optimistically looking outwards into the art-world from our base in Gateshead Town Centre.

Everything Must Go (Part 2) cycles back to look, with some nostalgia, at a shared history, whilst looking forward to new ways of working with artists. Recognising the importance of community in an increasingly fragmented and chaotic world. (read more...)
A Community of Artists
Workplace Foundation is excited to announce our Community of Artists an alternative form of non-exclusive representation that supports contemporary art outside of the commercial gallery context, providing access to our community for curators, collectors, arts industry specialists and the general public.

This platform will present a diverse and critically engaged group of artists, highlighting exhibitions writing, and in-depth contextual information alongside selected and available works. Workplace Foundation supports an evolving community of artists who are integral to the Workplace story. Our community of artists are selected from our programme by our curatorial team.

Click here for our Community of Artists
About Workplace Foundation:
Workplace Foundation is a charity based in Gateshead in the North of England that supports emerging and under-represented artists. We have a specific commitment to UK art scenes outside of London and with a focus on The North of England.

Workplace Foundation was founded by Workplace, a commercial gallery started in 2003 by Paul Moss and Miles Thurlow in Gateshead in the North East of England.
Workplace Foundation is a registered Charity and we rely on donations from individuals and trusts and foundations to enable us to do our work. There are a number of different ways you can support Workplace Foundation (learn more...)
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