HG Magazine: Issue no. 12
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Issue no. 12

In the Gallery

Andrew Schoultz, Cathedral, 2016-2020 (detail), acrylic on canvas over panel (comprised of 20 panels), 146 x 388 inches
Our first month back in the gallery has been wonderful. It feels great to provide our community with an analogue opportunity to view art safely again giving every visitor the ability to experience the vibrancy and complexity of Andrew Schoultz’s exhibition, Mother Nature, Father Time, in private.

As Glen Helfand writes in Squarecylinder, three months after he last stepped foot in an art gallery, "I wondered how that absence — 90 days of pondering the difference between actual and virtual events — might alter my perception. Would it allow me to see with fresh eyes as if returning from a vacation?... We’ve been pelted with anxieties and systemic changes, all of which make Schoultz’s work seem particularly timely since it deals, as it always has, with tumult. The result is the kind of show we’ve come to expect from him: wildly ambitious, generously immersive and crackling with the energy of unrest.”
Andrew Schoultz: Mother Nature, Father Time installation view
Andrew Schoultz: Mother Nature, Father Time closes this Saturday, July 11.

To experience the exhibition in person and in private, please make an appointment here: calendly.com/hosfelt-gallery or you may call the gallery at 415-495-5454.

To view the exhibition virtually, visit our viewing room on the site of the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA) here.

Andrew Schoultz, Noble Fortress with Serpent, 2018-2020, acrylic on canvas over panel, 30 x 22 inches

Up Next

Tim Hawkinson

Tantric Drip Drawings
July 20 - August 29, 2020
Tim Hawkinson, Untitled, 2020, India ink on Yupo paper, 60 x 40 inches; HOS 14991
Our next exhibition in the gallery will be a group of large-scale drawings by Tim Hawkinson. To make them, he constructed an apparatus that functions in much the same way as a tattooist’s needle. Large sheets of paper are mounted on a turntable fixed flat to the wall. Using his contraption, he applies India ink and allows it to run down the paper. He then rotates the paper and repeats the process from different angles to construct complex geometric forms that bulge and bend across the picture plane — despite the absence of any curved lines.

Behind the Scenes

Left: Gideon Rubin; Right: Tim Hawkinson
Left: Bernard Lokai (nine-panel grid); On desk: Tim Hawkinson; Right: Tim Hawkinson
Tim Hawkinson
Left to Right: John O'Reilly; Liliana Porter; Nicole Phungrasamee Fein; Gideon Rubin; Bruce Conner; Gustavo Díaz;
Alicia Mihai Gazcue; Isabella Kirkland; Nicole Phungrasamee Fein; John O'Reilly
Left: Jutta Haeckel; Right: Patricia Piccinini
Left to Right: Tim Hawkinson; Angelina Pwerle; Isabella Kirkland
Left to Right: Alan Rath; Alan Rath; Patricia Piccinini
Left: Cornelius Völker; Right: Russell Crotty

New to Inventory

Russell Crotty, Triangulum/Andromeda over Domelands, 2020, ink and watercolor on paper, 20 x 20 inches
For over 25 years, L.A.-based artist Russell Crotty has made ink drawings of nighttime skies based upon his own astronomical observations.

In the Shop

Isabella Kirkland, Countdown 4, 2020, oil and collaged organic material on panel, 4 x 4 inches
Sausalito-based Isabella Kirkland's work presents a seamless blend of art and science, combining the techniques of the Dutch Old Masters with a meticulous approach to her subject through a scientific lens.

A new series of 4x4 inch oil paintings using found clovers is now available in our online Shop. Kirkland’s fascination with clovers relates to her search for patterns in nature and the randomness of mutations. The more leaves a clover has, the rarer it is.

A Fond Farewell

Best wishes to our good friend and esteemed colleague Cathy Kimball, who has retired after 20 years as Executive Director/Chief Curator at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art. During her tenure, she secured a permanent home and solid foundation for the organization, and transformed it into a world-class venue with outstanding programs and exhibitions. She will be dearly missed. At the same time, we welcome Alison Gass back to the Bay Area as the next Director, and look forward to the institution’s new chapter under her leadership. Congratulations and best wishes to them both!
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