Egevaerk's intricate mobile in oak and copper wire
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Suspended, 2020. Oak and copper, 60H x 12 Ø cm
'Traditionally, oak is the most sturdy of woods. In the case of 'Suspended', fumed oak has been boiled until completely soft, and then deconstructed into flexible threads. In a dried state, the threads are carefully glued together in the well-known shape of the tree trunk. The character of the oak is completely transformed and a fragile copper thread finds its own way through the changed structure; this winding path symbolises the many decisions we have to make in order to adapt to the current situation and navigate through the chaos.' - Egeværk
We've invited our artists to create an object dedicated to the moment, which memorialises a personal response to the current crisis and which, in turn, invites further reflections from you, our friends across the world. The fifth in the series is Egeværk's intricate wood fibre and wire hanging sculpture.
10% of the sales will be donated to support staff wellbeing at the ITU/Critical Care unit at the Whittington Hospital where our gallery artist Maisie Broadhead's sister, Zoë, and her colleagues work. With your support we are delighted to announce we've already raised £2,000. We will continue to support this charity throughout the initiative.
Prices includes VAT and excludes delivery from Denmark. The piece will come with a signed certificate and record of the charity donation.
Normally working in large scale, sculptural furniture pieces made from Danish Ash, Mette Bentzen and Lasse Kristensen, known collectively as Egeværk, are dynamic young designers with a creatively ambitious workshop in Denmark. Their progressive practice challenges the status quo in the world of Danish fine furniture; they create meticulously crafted conceptual pieces, while drawing on craft traditions dating back to the time of their great-grandparents. Kristensen (1985) and Bentzen (1978) were both trained at the esteemed PP Furniture, a Danish joinery established in 1953 and famous for its large portfolio of modern Danish furniture. They are the recipients of many prestigious awards and accolades, including the 2019 Snedkerprisen (the Danish Carpentry Award). Most recently, their work has been selected for the Danish Pavilion in Tokyo during the Olympic Games 2020.
As we navigate through this challenging and crucial moment in human history, we're recording our experiences through many different material and immaterial channels. Despite our current state of societal separateness, we're finding ways to share these experiences and communicate them with one another; be it through written meditations and observations, fortifying scenes of collective human kindness or private conversations among friends.

We hope that each OBJECT TO MARK TIME becomes an exchange point for ideas in the present, while also serving as a resonant artefact in the future.

Certainly, within the taxonomy of objecthood, the art object has a unique skill in transferring emotional content; beginning with the maker's intention to express a poetry of being in unity with material, it proposes a focal point upon which communities can project their feelings and make interpretations, underpinned by collective experience.

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