Stay safe and artfully blasé in these challenging times!

Annet Gelink Gallery is pleased to present a special Erik van Lieshout edition. Together with Van Lieshout, Annet Gelink Gallery has created a range of locally made facemasks emblazoned with the artist's design.

Since the early days of the Coronavirus crisis, Van Lieshout has been chronicling its impact on the art world and Art Basel in particular. Van Lieshout was granted a commission by the fair to celebrate its 50th birthday in 2020, which now faces unforeseen and interesting developments. Alongside his various collages, performances, and drawings referencing the cancellation of Art Basel Hong Kong and the various restrictions on the cultural field, the masks form a tangible comment on our current situation.

The masks come in two designs, in either black or grey lettering, and are available for €10 for as long as supplies last. To get yours, please contact us at