Now Representing: Alberto Aguilar
A Bridge, 2015
enamel on paper
ENGAGE Projects is delighted to announce the representation of Chicago based artist Alberto Aguilar.
Aguilar is an artist, curator, advocate, and dedicated educator at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago.
He has shown and presented his work at various museums, galleries, storefronts, homes and street corners around the world. Some of these include the Queens Museum, El Torito Supermercado, The Minneapolis Institute of Art, the corner of Cesar Chavez Ave and North Broadway in Los Angeles, CA, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit, Chicago City Hall, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Museo Del Jamon in Madrid, Spain, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Chicago River Jackson Bridge, The Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, El Cosmico Trailer Park, Marfa, TX, El Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales, Havana, Cuba, Iowa rest stop I-80. His work is in the collection of the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, The Jorge Lucero Study Collection, Soho House, Meta - Facebook, The National Museum of Mexican Art, The Office of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Along with some members of his family he collectively organizes Mayfield, a multi-use space which operates on the grounds of his home. He is also the recipient of the 3Arts Award.

Indiscreet Line (Havana, Cuba), 2017
Flower line at a designated wifi area (Parque Fe Del Valle)
Artist in Residence
Art Institute of Chicago
Aguilar uses whatever material is at hand in an attempt to make a meaningful connection with the viewer. He does not distinguish his art practice from his other various life roles which allows him to make work wherever he is. Central to his process is creating art out of the everyday and having a heightened awareness and appreciation of the mundanity of day to day life. In addition, many of his works are collaborative, including family members, friends, and students in performances, videos, and photography.
In Alberto's words:

"I will use two hundred words to write a concise artist statement. I use a self-imposed framework as a generative tool for creating concise work. I use whatever materials are available in the moment. I enjoy being free from physical ties and work wherever I am. I walk as a way to clarify ideas and generate new ones. I allow for meaning to emerge through the act of doing. What does this mean to you? I use questions as a way to involve others in the process. I collaborate with anyone willing to reciprocate. I use play as a form of research. I treat all aspects of my life as art allowing me to be more present and careful. This is a statement but it’s simultaneously an artwork. I use text because it’s the most direct way to connect with the viewer. I make sculpture out of borrowed furniture in order to create a new logic. I desire to make work that’s accessible to as many people as possible. I use repetition as a way to create visual consistency. I use repetition as a way to reach my end goal. I like for my work to arrive at unexpected places."

We are looking forward to working with Alberto, supporting his practice, and many endeavors.

Jennifer Armetta
Propaganda Familiar, 2021
enamel on paper
50 Ingredient Mole: A compilation of ingredients used for mole made for a Personal Dinner Invitation, 2011
pen on grid paper
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