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THE 2020’s: new forms of abstraction - part 2

25 November 2023 - 25 February 2024

The exhibition THE 2020s: new forms of abstraction – part 2, serves as a springboard for a new, young generation of South African visual artists who are investigating abstraction as a more global and nomadic art style, and are shifting our gaze. One can sense that new life is blossoming within this early 2020s art movement, which has recently paid more attention to figuration. As these artists create a new visual language, they also contribute significantly to broadening the parameters of Contemporary African Art. They resist the pigeonholing of African Art on a global scale and seek to establish as an equal partner in dialogue with other cultural geographies of the world.

Amogelang Maepa, Athenkosi Kwinana, Chrisél Attewell, Cow Mash, DuduBloom More, Hazel Mphande, Katlisho Tleane, Kutlwano Monyai, Lee-At Meyerov, Mellaney Roberts, Natalie de Morney, Odette Graskie, Paballo Majela and Pia Truscott

Curated by Els van Mourik

gallery news.


Preview & Vernissage: 15 February 2023
Public Days: 16 – 18 February 2023

Berman Contemporary is delighted to participate with 2 booths at the eleventh edition of Investec Cape Town Art Fair, Africa’s largest art fair, held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. In our main booth we will present the works of DuduBloom More, Lee-At Meyerov and Odette Graskie. In the solo we will showcase the works of Chrisél Attewell.

Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2024 will have a selection of Contemporary South African ceramic artists in its own curated and dedicated section, titled ‘Cabinet|Clay’, where the works of Amogelang Maepa will be featured.
Additionally, Odette Graskie will be unveiling her first artist book in our main booth.

This year the Fair continues its work of providing an annual platform for artists, galleries, curators, museums, cultural institutions, collectors, and art enthusiasts to connect and interact in the name of art. The Fair is also becoming known for facilitating meaningful dialogue, education and far-reaching interaction around contemporary African (and global) art.

The curatorial theme for the 2024 edition is Unbound focusing on emerging and ‘unbound’ voices. Art becomes a compelling catalyst amid global challenges. It offers individuals a platform for expression, a space where diverse voices can be heard. Unbound serves as a conduit for exploring alternative possibilities and breaking free from constrictive narratives.

This edition of Investec Cape Town Art Fair sees the city of Cape Town play a far more significant role in foregrounding the Art Fair’s activities and artists for its local and international audience of collectors and institutions.


18th of February at 1:30 – 2:30pm

Drawing Sessions is an interactive performance with Odette Graskie. The artist explores the presence between the sitter and the artist, which she will capture in a portrait.

Odette Graskie invites the audience to take part in her portraiture drawing practice. A performative drawing event as a visual art form, questions ideas of agency, trust, conventions of portraiture and the relationship through eye contact with strangers. With a greater focus on capturing the connective moment between the artist and sitter, likeness becomes secondary to the affective and playful layers involved in the interaction. The drawing becomes an embodiment of the short moment between the sitter and the artist.

The portraits become a part of the artist’s collection of drawings which are reworked and hand-assembled in bigger bodies of sculptural work. In exchange for participation, the artist gives those portrayed a limited photographic print of one of her artworks.


Introducing the fourth of our Artist Studio Visit Series, showcasing Chrisél Attewell.

At Berman Contemporary, we are delighted to announce the continuation of our monthly Artist Studio Visit Series. Our primary aim is to cultivate a bond between our clients, collectors, and art enthusiasts with the artists we represent. In this ongoing series, we will unveil the fascinating world of our represented artists through studio videos and exclusive features on ARTSY. These insights and ‘behind the scenes’ offer a glimpse at their artistic practice, their concepts and narratives that shape their works.
Have a look at our latest viewing room on ARTSY - STUDIO VISIT SERIES: CHRISÉL ATTEWELL. This online feature showcases the behind the scenes at Chrisél Attewell’s works.“

Her work expresses the passage of time and vulnerability of the world around her, unfolding her sensitive and sensual universe made up of paintings and subtle arrangements of found objects and timeless glass sculptures. A contemporary poetry shaped by exploration, the use of unexpected materials and simplicity as strength.” – Els van Mourik


2 March – 14 April 2024

Amogelang Maepa, Chrisél Attewell, Lee-At Meyerov, Mellaney Roberts, Pabello Majela

The upcoming exhibition, "A SCULPTURAL SYMPHONY," presents a group of South African visual artists, which include Amogelang Maepa, Chrisél Attewell, Lee-At Meyerov, Mellaney Roberts, and Pabello Majela. This curated collection outlines the exploration of sculpture, through diverse conceptual and technical approaches, these artists collectively challenge and redefine the aesthetic and conceptual parameters of contemporary sculptural art.

Curated by Els van Mourik


Cow Mash

2 March – 14 April 2024

Cow Mash draws us into her lineage with her solo exhibition, RE GONA. The title, being the response to “Dumelang” (How are you?), translates to “We are here”. In Sesotho no one stands alone, people speak of themselves in the plural because every person represents their community. RE GONA becomes Mash’s we-ness in her ancestral ties, support system and religious bonds. As explained by the artist’s father “According to the Bible the purpose of humanity is to multiply.”

Curated by Els van Mourik


We would like to welcome Mellaney Roberts to Berman Contemporary.

Mellaney Roberts (1988) born in Willowmore, South Africa, Mellaney completed her National Diploma in Fine Arts in 2010, a BTech Fine Arts (Ceramics) in 2011, and a Masters of Fine Arts (with Cum Laude honours) in Ceramics in 2017, all at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Gqeberha. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD. Roberts has been a lecturer in ceramics for several years and presently holds a teaching position at the Tshwane University of Technology.

Her works explore the elements of form, space and time, presenting the viewer with a shifting perspective on materiality. Her intuitive response to clay enlists the rich and multileveled reference that ceramics has as a medium, evoking the permanence and impermanence associated with time.


We extend our thanks for the support and engagement we experienced during the recent Ceramic Brussels fair. Participating in an art fair dedicated to contemporary ceramics brought us immense joy. The positive response and genuine interest in our booth were humbling.

Berman Contemporary presented the works of three female ceramic artists: Amogelang Maepa, Mellaney Roberts, and Natalie de Morney at Ceramic Brussels, which was held at Tour & Taxis, Europe’s largest platform for the exchange of goods and now a major cultural hotspot and events venue in Brussels.


Featuring Natalie de Morney

“Shifting perceptions. Long underappreciated by the contemporary art world, ceramics are increasingly attracting both artists and collectors, making their way into the most prestigious galleries. Yet, no significant fair had ever been dedicated to it. With this realisation, the Franco-Belgian duo of Jean-Marc Dimanche and Gilles Parmentier decided to address this gap by creating a fair 100% dedicated to the medium, to be held at Tour & Taxis, a venue well-known to art enthusiasts for hosting Brafa, Art Brussels, and more recently, Art on Paper.” – Carine Claude


The young gallery BERMAN CONTEMPORARY specialises in contemporary art. This new movement is gaining momentum. Many people think of African art as figurative art, but contemporary art plays with abstraction.

artist news.

Athenkosi Kwinana's Journey at Arthaus Artist Residency: exhibitions, talks and more.

Athenkosi Kwinana recently finished her residency at Arthaus Artist Residency in Cuba, she began with a collaboration with Arthaus Art Residency and Professor Katrin Hansing and conducted a talk on 13 October 2023. Professor Hansing, an anthropologist specializing in race, ethnicity, migration, and memory in Cuba, explored themes of identity, Kwinana's artistic process, and skin notions. This served as a valuable prelude to Kwinana's forth coming exhibition in 2024.

During her residency, Kwinana had an exhibition titled "NDIJONGE" at Arthaus Artist Residency in October 2023. This showcase aimed to raise awareness about challenges faced by People Living with Albinism (PLWA) globally, exploring themes of representation, human rights, power, visibility, and identity. Inspired by Cuban history and influenced by Cuban visual artists, her body of work highlighted the importance of addressing human rights and inclusion for PLWA. An article about the exhibition, published in Alastensas and titled "I am a black woman living with albinism," further accentuates Kwinana's mission as a visual activist.

Read more

Additionally, she exhibited at the Ludwig Foundation in Cuba, showcasing her artworks created between 2022-2023, accompanied by discussions on her creative process and inspirations for visiting Havana. The Fundación Ludwig de Cuba is a non-profit institution based in Havana, Cuba. Named after its founders, Irene and Peter Ludwig, the Fundación supports artists, art projects, and exhibitions in Cuba.

In September 2024, Athenkosi Kwinana alongside Berman Contemporary will be opening a 6 week exhibition that aims to examine and explore the current representation of the #albinoticbody / #Albinism in South African contemporary visual culture during the 2004-2024 period. To prepare for the show, we are looking for models with #Albinism from South Africa and/or the South African diaspora to be featured in the new body of work.

This is a paid opportunity open to all ages, genders, and races. How to Apply - Applicants should submit:

1.A profile picture from the chest up
2.Full name

Please email at athenkosi_kwinana@yahoo.com if you’re interested or know someone who might be. Successful applicants will be notified by 30 April 2024


Our 2023 Highlights, in case you missed it.


THE 2020's: new forms of abstraction - part 2

THE 2020's: new forms of abstraction - part 2

25 Nov 2023 - 25 Feb 2024

Held at Berman Contemporary
Investec Cape Town Art Fair

Investec Cape Town Art Fair

16 - 18 February 2024

Cape Town International Convention Centre


2 March – 14 April 2024

Held at Berman Contemporary


2 March – 14 April 2024

Held at Berman Contemporary
223 Jan Smuts Avenue, Rosebank, Johannesburg
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