Pierre Huyghe – Offspring, Kunsten Museum of Modern Art
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Still: Pierre Huyghe, De-Extinction, 2014, film, color, stereo sound, 12 min. 38 sec. © the artist
Pierre Huyghe
Kunsten Museum of Modern Art
Kong Christians Allé
509000 Aalborg
May 25 – October 30, 2022

The exhibition Offspring from Pierre Huyghe at Kunsten Museum of Modern Art connect six key works using, sensors which capture sound, light and movement. Each work perceives and influences each other, the exhibition rhythm, flow and the way it manifests.

One of the works in the exhibition is Zoodram 2, 2010/2021 – a living aquarium newly-acquired by Kunsten. This acquisition was made possible by a generous donation from the New Carlsberg Foundation.

In Pierre Huyghe's contingent universe, diverse intelligent life forms – biotic and abiotic – evolving indeterminately, produce continuous changes in their environments. The works are dynamic and change over time, often exceeding the artist's control.

For Huyghe the exhibition is not merely a site for viewing experience, but rather an encounter with an immersive, sentient milieu that perceives, generates new possibilities of alliances between events or things that unfold, indifferent to human presence.

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